WATCH: George Russell Obliterates a Bollard During Kubica Battle

June 23, 2019 9:55 pm

The RoKit Williams team finally showed brief flickers of life when Robert Kubica and George Russell duelled during the French Grand Prix. Granted, the two were still somewhere in the lower end of the pecking order, but they were still competing against each other.

At one point of time, Robert Kubica attempted to fend off the charging George Russell. Then, the latter drifted a little wide and his left front wheel destroyed an innocent bollard. Due to the fact that drivers were often drifting wide and sometimes hitting the bollards. It even got to a point where a brief virtual safety car was called out to clear away a drift-happy bollard.

At the end of their intra-team squabble, George Russell lost out to his older teammate when the chequered flag waved. Predictably, they were both dead last, though Kubica beat Russell for the very first time.


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