WATCH: Guided Tour of a 5-Star Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

December 14, 2020 3:15 pm

Animal Crossing: New Horizons never fails to encourage its users to don their creative hats. In yet another attempt at this, Nintendo has made available a mode where players can create 5-Star islands for themselves. They can customize the entire island according to their wishes and even invite villagers to stay on it.

Many YouTubers share tours of the island they have created, which often follow a specific color or mood theme. The entire idea is quite cute since players put in a lot of time and effort behind this and ultimately create something very impressive.

A YouTuber spent 1700 hours to customize an island on Animal Crossing: New Horizon

The YouTuber in question, popular by the name of Lex Play, spent over 1700 hours to create and customize her own 5-star village on the island of Lorien in the game. She sticks to very natural, earthy tones for her village, making it look very refreshing. Further, she is currently working on her island in Lost Falls.

In a video that is about 20 minutes long, she gives us a quick yet detailed tour of her village. Additionally, she takes care to justify all of her choices regarding her placements on the map to her viewers. The amount of attention to detail and thought put in behind this whole map really shows in Lex’s tour of the same.

Lex sticks to using flowers, waterfalls, and many trees and plants to decorate her island. However, she has distributed them all over the island to neither look sparse nor cluttered.

“It doesn’t have to be full to be a beautiful island.”

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Lex carefully decorated her villagers’ residences

Lex has ten of her favorite villagers in the game staying as residents on her island. They are: Kiki, Tasha, Wolfgang, Bob, Lolly, Raymond, Rudy, Sherb, Bluebear, and Dierdre. The 22-year-old YouTuber confesses that Dierdre is her favorite sisterly.

Further in the video, she explains why she decorated each of these villagers’ residences the way she did. She also justifies her positioning of each of their homes. For instance, she decorates Bluebear’s residence with a lot of elements that have the color blue to stick to his name. Similarly, she gives Wolfgang an isolated house which is quite like a cabin in the woods, since she envisions him to be a lone, serious kind of character.

“I try to do right by my villagers.”

Lex’s village includes a number of ponds, well-decorated beach areas and sunken waterfalls. You can watch the full tour here.

What do you think about this customization of the island on Animal Crossing: New Horizon? Let us know in the comments section.

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