WATCH: Horrible Crash Involving Multiple Riders in Moto 3 brings Out the Red Flag

November 18, 2019 5:27 pm

The Moto 3 race in Valencia Moto GP on Sunday was rocked by a horrific crash involving five riders which immediately brought out a red flag.

It was, in fact, an action packed race, right from the start (or even before its start). The race was delayed in the first place owing to a crash between Aaron Canet and Ayumu Sasaki. Circuit officials had to clean up and both the riders went back to the pit before the race was restarted.

Just four corners into the race, Jaume Masia fired himself out of his seat, with a concern over his collarbone.

It was in the second lap that the crash took place. It involved Carlos Tatay, Jeremy Alcoba, Makar Yurchenko, Nico Antonelli and Dennis Foggia which saw the Sky VR46 bike laying on fire in the middle of the track. Tatay had lost the front of his KTM, before being hit by two bikes, his bike then slid across the middle of the track leaving Foggia helpless before hitting it with real force, looking as if he knocked himself upon impact with the floor.


The race was immediately red flagged whilst the Italian rider received treatment in the middle of the track. He was reported as conscious and taken to the medical centre for a check-up.

The race began again at two thirds distance, which once again saw another crash, this time involving  involving World Champion Lorenzo Dalla Porta, Tony Arbolino, Alonso Lopez and John McPhee.

This enabled Migno, Marcos Ramirez, Tatsuki Suzuki, Sergio Garcia and a few others into a lead group.

The race was eventually won by 16-year old Sergio Garcia, who was able to claim his first Moto3 race in front of his home crowd in Valencia. For the final two laps, Garcia had to battle it out with Migno, but eventually managed to win at his local circuit.

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