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WATCH: Horrid Feud Arises in a Friendly between USA and Mexico

WATCH: Horrid Feud Arises in a Friendly between USA and Mexico

Javier Hernandez aka Chicharito celebrating his goal against USA

A friendly between Mexico and the United States of America did not remain so friendly when the clock ticked to 56 minutes.

The football pitch suddenly saw a strife started with the players from both the teams started to come onto each other.

It started when Mexico’s Herrera suddenly slapped a USA player, and out of nowhere a big feud started on the football pitch. It went on for a while and the referee, with some struggle and the play carried on.

Javier Hernandez aka Chicharito scored in the first half,Ā Erick GutierrezĀ andĀ Uriel AntunaĀ had late goals four minutes apart and Mexico defeated the U.S. men’s national team 3-0 in a friendly at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., on Friday.

After Hernandez made it 1-0 in the 21st minute, Gutierrez scored his first international goal in the 78th minute after just coming into the match. Antuna extended the lead to 3-0, scoring on the counter in the 82nd.

U.S. manager Gregg Berhalter said he saw some positives the rom Friday’s heavy defeat.

“From my perspective I’m happier about this game than the Gold Cup final,” he said. “In the Gold Cup final, I felt like all we did was play the ball long. That was our only solution. Now, at least we’re trying to play the way we envision.”

“The message for the group is use this as an opportunity to continue to grow.”

“To me, it’s a great example to the guys to keep working, keep pushing, keep making progress,” Berhalter said. “At least today, I saw guys who wanted to keep trying.

“We made some mistakes but it wasn’t critical. It was a time to keep going, keep learning what they group is about. To me, it was a valuable exercise.”

The match was the first of two warmups for the Americans before the CONCACAF Nations League next month. US play Uruguay in St. Louis on Tuesday.


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