WATCH: Nick Eh 30 Gets ‘Stream Sniped’ During His Own Fortnite Tournament

November 24, 2020 7:14 pm

Fortnite presented its flip side with yet another episode of stream sniping. It all went down in the Grand Finals of Twitch streamer Nick Eh 30’s Epic Games-sanctioned tournament.

The competitive team worked alongside Nick to create a one-day, two-round tournament. They created it in his name, at the end of which he would face 99 qualified players in the Grand Final.

Nick also hosted a viewing party, presenting a POV of players trying to make the cut to the ultimate game. Nick, too, struggled initially but regained confidence in games 3 & 4 of the 5-match tournament.

Alas, Nick’s journey ended in game 5 when he was eliminated by a stream sniper, causing him to lose his temper.

A stream sniper crushed Nicks’s hopes of winning his own Fortnite tournament

Game five of the tournament spelled disaster for the popular Twitch streamer. Nick made his way to the mini Agency as soon as he had exited the battle bus. But a couple of other finalists followed him, out of which one had the clear intention of eliminating him.

ArchieFN succeeded in putting an end to Nick’s run in the tournament, causing him to lose his temper.

“There’s no way because, like, they’re not even trying. I hope that guy gets banned from all tournaments, and I hope Epic does something.”

Nick filed a report against the user for stream sniping, via Fortnite’s report a player system. ArchieFN’s triumph was rather short-lived as Epic banned him for twenty-four hours.

Credits- Daily Clips Central YouTube

However, this isn’t how the story ends. Competitive Fortnite player Fray was the first to give his two cents on the incident after he spotted hate messages directed towards ArchieFN.

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He said, ” The kid that landed on nick deserves hate and stuff like that, but isn’t there a difference between landing on a spot that you know is his landing spot and stream sniping?”

It’s hard to decipher whether ArchieFN deserves to be punished for his actions. Nevertheless, the ban will stay until Epic Games reveals more information on this situation. Stay tuned to know more.

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