Watch Incredible Double Knock Out in MMA After Both Fighters Land Left Hooks

By 10 months ago

The MMA ring is one of the most unpredictable structures in sports entertainment. The double knock out that took place between Diogo Neves and Eder Lopes provides more reason as to why fans can expect anything at anytime ina fight.

It was another pair of left hooks that caused a double KO as both Lopes and Neves went for a left hook. It was Lopes who had the stronger chin as he survived the hook and spectacularly got the win in Portugal’s ECE promotion on Enfusion TV.

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Although a double KO blow is a rare phenomenon. We have seen a few of them throughout history. The fight between Carlos Condit and Dan hardy is one of them in which both fighters committed to a left hook. However, Condit took the shot like it was nothing and Hardy just could not do the same.

That apart in Bellator Matt Mitrione and Fedor Emelianenko gave the fans another double KO in which Mitrione got the upper hand winning the sequence.

What do you think? Which one is your favorite knockout of all time?

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