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WATCH: Israel Adesanya Sends Perfect Message to his Fans

WATCH: Israel Adesanya Sends Perfect Message to his Fans

Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya sent a message to his fans reposting a video on twitter. The video was shot by a young African-American boy who was accused of stealing with the reason being his colour. Israel Adesanya has been a great supporter since day 1, funding and supporting various institutes where children of colour don’t have opportunities.

‘’The Last Stylebender’’ is no stranger to racist incidents. From moving to New Zealand to Nigeria and being the only black kid in his school made him a  target. Moreover, he stated on several occasions that the opportunities he received were far less than others mainly due to his colour.

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Speaking during an interview with MMA News, Israel Adesanya said:

“You get racism everywhere it’s like water off a duck’s back. One thing I find weird is that when I, especially when something happens in America, people are like ‘don’t get involved in American politics. when I come here, a KKK guy is not going to be like ‘Oh you’re from Nigeria. They just see you as black. They’re going to be racist towards you regardless.

This sparks an important debate on racism in the sport and in general as certain communities are stereotyped.

With issues of racism cropping up steps like this need to be taken. exaggeration and stereotypical portrayals of different communities must stop so that the future generation has enough opportunities both in life and sports. Even though Israel Adesanya is an undefeated champion, he will sadly have to compete with racism throughout his career.

Despite the positive message Adesanya has received backlash for the post. The officers were insulted despite doing their ”job”. Even though this is a positive message the treatment of officers who were doing their jobs is not correct.

What steps should be taken to curb racism?

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