WATCH: John Iafolla Survives a Scary Crash at the Sandown 500

November 11, 2019 4:57 pm

John Iafolla, driving his car at the Sandown 500, had a scary crash on Sunday. His vehicle flipped multiple times and landed on a ute.

Iafolla lost control of his vehicle during the race’s opening lap. After veering off the track, Iafolla’s vehicle shot off the grass and flipped end on end before coming down hard on the back of a nearby ute with two passengers sitting in the front seats.

After taking multiple flips, the car landed down.

Thankfully, everyone escaped the incident without any major incidents.

Iafolla walked away minutes after the crash with the assistance of officials. He was reported to be taken to hospital and is in a stable condition with no serious injuries.

The officials initially suspended the race, but later decided to abandon the race entirely.

The footage shows car parts and debris flying off Iafolla’s vehicle and the unsuspecting passengers’ shocked reaction as the ute’s tray was crushed behind them.

The Sandown 500, which is held annually,has its main event (the Australian Supercars Championship) this year, at 1:35pm AEST on Sunday.

The races have been taking place since 1964 at the Sandown Raceway, near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Sponsorship deals have kept affecting the name, distance and category of cars competing in it, and have been varying with sponsors. Currently, the event is held as a championship event for Supercars and is formally known as the Penrite Oil Sandown 500.

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