WATCH: Karl-Anthony Towns & Joel Embiid Involve in a Tussle during the Game between 76ers & Timberwolves

The game between Philadelphia 76ers and Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday was ll spiced up when the Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns and the 76ers center Joel Embiid involved in a tussle in the third quarter.

The duo kept on exchanging punches despite efforts from other players and staff to keep them apart.

Watch the video:

Both Towns and Embiid were ejected from the game for involvement in the brawl. Either Embiid or Towns did not seem to show any regrets after the incident.

In fact, Embiid further invigorated the home crowd who raised more cheers.

The game, which was stopped momentarily due to the feud when the 76ers were leading 77-55, eventually ended with a victory to the home team and the final score reading 117-95. While Towns had 13 points and six rebounds when he was ejected, Embiid had 19 points and five rebounds.

Even after the game, Embiid seemed like he did not want to shut down the rivalry that has been going on for a while now. In a tweet praising his team’s win, Embiid referred to the incident saying “a cat pulled me,” while showing himself as a “lion.”

Both Philadelphia and Minnesota might have to play the next few games without their centres as Embiid and Towns might face suspensions along with fines for their actions.

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Saketh Kandadai