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Watch: Klay Thompson Impresses as a Sideline Reporter for the Game between Warriors & Bulls

Watch: Klay Thompson Impresses as a Sideline Reporter for the Game between Warriors & Bulls

Klay Thompson as a sideline reporter

Klay Thompson, having to restrain himself to the sidelines for the season, did a bit more than just watching the game between Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors on Wednesday.

Thompson had agreed to do a quarter of TV duty with the NBC Sports Bay Area broadcast team, subbing briefly for sideline reporter Kerith Burke.

Thompson did not seem to disappoint in his rookie stint as a reporter. One video clip of Thompson talking about his own bobbleheads went viral on social media.


Thompson’s seemed to enjoy his reporter duties. At the end of the game, Thompson even took the mic from Kerrith Brukke to interview Omari Spellman.

Warriors manager Steve Kerr later acknowledged that Thompson would be better that him as a reporter.

“I’m holding the mike,” Kerr said, “but I’m so uncomfortable that I asked him the question and then I kept holding the mike (at his own mouth), like this. He starts answering and I’m over here, and I’m nodding, and the mike is still right here. The producer’s in my ear, ‘Hold the mike in front of Vinny!’ I was not asked to do that again.

“Klay will definitely be better than me. More entertaining, for sure.”

How twitter reacted:

Thompson’s injury in the pre-season has been a big blow to the Warriors, who had already lost the likes of Kevin Durant. A few game into the season, the Warriors lost Stephen Curry, further lending a blow to their season’s hopes. With Draymond Green and D’Angello Russell also being in and out due to injuries, they had to struggle quite a bit this season.

Warriors would be relieved they managed a victory on Wednesday, but they are still at the bottom of the Western Conference with just four wins in 19 games.

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