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Watch: Lazarbeam Wastes a Few Childhoods (and Afternoons) to Get #1 in Roblox

Published 04/25/2021, 1:10 PM EDT

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The iconic Fortnite streamer, LazarBeam, recently made a return to Roblox only to make the lives of every other player miserable. Roblox is a video game platform where players can create their own games and make profits from them. The platform currently has over 18 million titles, most of which have been created by other players. It provides a good practice ground for aspiring video game developers, who have made some pretty interesting titles here.

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Starting last year, Roblox has made it so that these devs can find an earning opportunity worth their while on this platform.

LazarBeam makes it to the top of Roblox


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Most of the earnings on Roblox come from in-game purchases. In other words, most of the games on the platform have additional content that players can unlock using Robux (the in-game currency of the platform). Paid items in these games not only guarantee you a win but also ridiculously overpower you compared to other players. Now, this is what LazarBeam did on his return to the game.

Usually, one can find LazarBeam streaming Fortnite. However, recently, he made a return to Roblox with the sole intention of wreaking havoc. The iconic streamer got on a few games, got the hang of the rules, and bought the most expensive items to guarantee him an absolute win. One can literally feel the frustration other players felt while Lazar crushed them.


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LazarBeam takes pay-to-win on another level with his Roblox shenanigans

The last time Lazar did one of his “spend everything” stunts on Roblox was eight months ago. That time he ended up spending more than $11,000 on the game. Well, it was not much different this time around.

He started out with the popular game. Basically, the objective is to smash things and get points. Players can even hit other players for points as well. Lazar started this out earnestly, with the default stick. However, things soon changed as another player literally “yeeted” him away.


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He straight up bought the most expensive stick and swore to put his name on the top of the leaderboard. Then he went on to buy every single update available. Long story short, we are pretty sure he made a lot of kids cry that day. He keeps repeating this on every other game he laid his hands on.

Well, it is players like Lazar who make all the efforts of the devs on Roblox worth their while.

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