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WATCH: Lebron James Shares a Message for Haters

WATCH: Lebron James Shares a Message for Haters

LeBron James

More action on social media is seen from Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

James, on Friday (August 2) posted a rather cryptic message on twitter.

The whole world started wondering when James tweeted, “ether coming soon.”

“Alright alright. Enough is enough. The throne has been played with to much and I ain’t for the horseplay. Ether coming soon!” : a tweet from LeBron James’s official twitter handle read.

The tweet seemed rather cryptic as the context behind the tweet was hardly understood.


The best guess to this tweet though would be that it was intended towards former Cavaliers general manager David Griffin as the tweet came hours after Griffin talked about  being “miserable” with James at Cleveland Cavaliers.

“Everything we did was so inorganic and unsustainable and, frankly, not fun. I was miserable,” Griffin told Sports Illustrated. “Literally the moment we won the championship I knew I was gonna leave. There was no way I was gonna stay for any amount of money.”

“I didn’t watch the league, and I didn’t love the game anymore (after the 2016 Finals),” Griffin told. “I was so fixated on the outcome that I just totally lost my joy.”

Sources from ESPN claimed that the comments left James “shocked.”

Griffin later gave some clarification to his controversial comments during an appearance in ESPN’s ‘The Jump.’

“I failed miserably in getting everyone to the right sense of urgency following the [2016] championship,” Griffin said. “My belief at that time was ‘there’s no way anyone can be born in Akron, Ohio, deliver the first championship in 52 years to Cleveland, Ohio and be the same human being. It’s not possible. You’re a person. You’re a human being. And my fear at that time was that he wouldn’t have that same animal-like desire to win.”

“What we’ve seen obviously is that he’s gone to multiple Finals since so it was an unfounded fear I had at the time. But the article doesn’t give you the context that I was talking about that particular point in time,” he continued.

Shortly after the “ether” tweet, LeBron James took to Instagram to share a hateful message.

“F*** all y’all”, LeBron was heard shouting while the caption read, “well let’s get it.”

Here’s the video that the four time NBA MVP shared in his Instagram story-


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