WATCH: Leclerc expresses frustration over Vettel’s poor pace

Published 04/14/2019, 3:01 AM EDT

Charles Leclerc jumped Ferrari teammate, Sebastian Vettel, at the start as he lunged down the inside to take third place into Turn 3 to slot behind Valtteri Bottas’ Mercedes. However, the plan did not work out well as he could not get close enough to the Mercedes.

The young Monegasque was asked to let Vettel by, who was looking faster and seemed to have a better chance of catching them. But even that did not work out as planned and Leclerc was frustrated no end as he was forced to watch Vettel’s rear end while losing his own time.

Being an enterprising young driver, he did not hold back his emotions as he vented to his engineer about losing a ton of time behind the other Ferrari. Watch his angry radio message below:



Rahul Venkat

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