Sebastian Vettel

The Canadian Grand Prix 2019 ended on a sour note for Sebastian Vettel following a penalty. After an out-of-control Vettel nearly forced Lewis Hamilton in the wall, the FIA reacted. Naturally, the 5-second time penalty imposed, did not sit well with Sebastian Vettel, who was furious.

Evidently, Hamilton realised how incensed Vettel was and even offered to let him hitch a ride to Parc Ferme to cool off. Unfortunately, Vettel declined the invitation and nearly boycotted the ceremony.

Fortunately, the Ferrari team managed to convince him to attend, and then he proceeded to get some petty revenge. Sebastian Vettel cheekily swapped the number 1 board with the number 2 board. So the number 2 board was in front of Hamilton’s car and the number 1 board was in an empty space where Vettel’s car was supposed to be.