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Watch: When Nick Diaz Got Knocked Down By Jeremy Jackson

Watch: When Nick Diaz Got Knocked Down By Jeremy Jackson

Nick Diaz

When you talk about some of the most loved fighters in the history of MMA, the Diaz brothers must be on that list. Nate Diaz is still a prized possession for UFC and Nick Diaz was the fighter’s fighter when he was in the game. Every time Nick steps into the cage it can be assured that the fans will be entertained. Win or loss, Nick was a must-see fighter for all the fans.

If you have followed the career of the Diaz brothers for long enough it’s not a secret that it’s hard to knock them out. Over the years both Nick and Nate have fought some of the very best this sport had to offer, and yet very few were able to knock the Diaz brothers out.

Amongst them, Jeremy Jackson was the first one to knock out Nick Diaz back in 2002. Nick squared off against Jeremy Jackson for the first time in UA 4- King of the Mountain event. Jeremy Jackson dropped down Diaz early in the first round with a left hook. However, Nick was able to survive the early storm and got back to his feet just to absorb some more punishments.

Jeremy connected with another left hand that again dropped Nick Diaz on the ground and that as the beginning of the end. Jeremy finished the fight with some brutal ground and pound at 49 seconds of round 1.

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Well, Nick Diaz got his revenge from Jeremy Jackson later in his career when he faced him again in IFC WC 18. He also beat Jackson in the next fight via submission when he made his UFC debut at UFC 44.

Will Nick Diaz Come Back to Fight Jorge Masvidal

There has been a ton of speculations surrounding the super fight between Nick Diaz and Jorge Masvidal However, it’s very unlikely that he is going to return to the octagon. And even if he does the outcome won’t be satisfactory for the Diaz fans at all. Nick has been away from the sport for a long time and unlike Nate, he has stayed away from the fight game. Though he is a legend of this sport and it would be exciting to see him compete again inside the octagon maybe for his own good he should not make the comeback. However, it does leave us to wonder how a fight between Nick Diaz and Jorge Masvidal would have been in their primes.

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