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Watch: Nico Rosberg Reminds Media Personnel He’s an F1 Champion After She Doesn’t Recognise Him

Watch: Nico Rosberg Reminds Media Personnel He’s an F1 Champion After She Doesn’t Recognise Him

Nico Rosberg

Recently, 2016 Formula One world champion, Nico Rosberg got caught in an awkward situation. The German driver was approached by Channel 4 journalist, Cathy Newman, who failed to recognise him. The controversial journalist asked Rosberg to state his name for the camera, and he simply flashed his identity card and stated that he was a Formula One world champion.

Newman quickly caught on and quipped, “I thought I recognised you”. The former Mercedes driver was present at the World Econimic Forum in Davos, Switzerland as a technological entrepreneur.

Owing to a rising interest in innovation and entrepreneurship, Rosberg ticked a visit to Silicon Valley off his list. The former F1 driver even met with representatives from companies like Tesla, Waymo and ChargePoint. Speaking to WIRED about all that he has learned from racing, Nico Rosberg confessed that he grew interested in innovation.

What does the future hold for Nico Rosberg?

He even confessed that he always wanted to visit Silicon Valley and and witness ‘some of the magic that happens there’. The 34-year old recognised the technological hub as the global centre of innovation, with so much intelligence in one place.

He even spoke about the future of the automobile industry, which will be electric cars. Nico Rosberg sang praises about the all-electric racing series, Formula E and its impact on the racing scene.

He said, “Electric cars will revolutionise our planet. Once we sort out the infrastructure of how to feed energy into them and we’re making more use of solar and wind, it will be a big benefit. It’s normal that car manufacturers want to be involved, and Formula E will be the showcase. I’m watching with interest.”

According to Nico Rosberg, it is important is to remain open-minded about new opportunities. He acknowledged that he still has plenty to offer with his experience and achievements. However, he was adamant that he will no longer get behind the wheel and race. Instead, he wants to focus on the intellectual side of racing.

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