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Watch: Ninja Points Out His Issues With People Hating Fortnite On Mixer

Watch: Ninja Points Out His Issues With People Hating Fortnite On Mixer

Fortnite battle royale will always have its ups and downs. What makes it such an interesting game is that it invokes varied opinions. Everyone has a different take on the game, including our favorite streamers. It doesn’t matter what the issue is. It can be as simple as the “streaming platform.” 

Ninja recently opened up about this while he spoke about Mixer. Tfue called him out for his Mixer numbers. Honestly, that was not really a respectful thing to do at all. Ninja shifted to Mixer on his own accord and, in doing so, has helped Fortnite as best as he could. Thanks to the insight provided by Esports Talk, we now have some clarity.

There are a lot of unanswered questions that only incite hate. That is not what the world needs right now. Mixer events, Mixer tournaments, Ninja is doing it all. Tfue criticizing the viewership is uncalled for. Mixer is still a young platform. 

Fortnite on Mixer is a plan in the making

Ninja’s vision is quite clear; he wants to have more Fortnite tournaments on Mixer. This helps the game more than it helps anyone personally. 

“I don’t care about my viewers (the number of) on Mixer man.

Tfue always makes it a point to show how Ninja has lost viewers. However, he is doing more than just fine.

Ninja simply retorted, When I upload Fortnite to Youtube, I get millions of views.”  

He also mentioned, “The fact that Shroud and I can stream tournaments and sometimes pull 10 thousand viewers or more, on Mixer, without substantial advertising from Mixer’s end is incredible.”

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What is the issue that ails Mixer

While Ninja is doing his best, trying his best, and actually living it large, Mixer isn’t doing too well. To start off, viewership will always remain an issue. However, problems like questionable picture quality are something they can fix. 

If we compare how well Ninja is doing on Mixer, then we will know it’s brilliant. To get that amount of viewership and to remain number 1 is a tough thing to achieve. Even without the tournaments, Shroud and Ninja are doing just fine. Unnecessary hate is not something that the gaming community needs right now. 

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