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WATCH: Nolan Arenado Smashes a 482 Feet Homer off Cardinals’ Michael Wacha

WATCH: Nolan Arenado Smashes a 482 Feet Homer off Cardinals’ Michael Wacha

Nolan Arenado

In a game dominated by pitchers, Colorado Rockies third baseman Nolan Arenado hit a massive 482-feet homer against St. Louis Cardinals. The humongous hit eventually turned out to be the difference between the two sides as the Rockies beat Cardinals 2-1.

Arenado’s smash off Michael Wacha’s 86.2 mph change-up was his 38th home run of the season, which went out of the park.

“It was a changeup up, and I know if he gets it down, I probably chop it into the ground or swing and miss over it,” Arenado said after the match. “But it was up, and I was able to put a good swing on it. I was just happy it stayed fair. … I’m pulling the ball (with power) better this year, which is good.”

“I was just kind of like, ‘Oh, don’t go foul,’ but it stayed fair, thank God. I’ve hit some balls foul, but they just kind of turn over so you can’t really tell how far it’s going to go. But that one, I was able to backspin it enough. I’m just happy it went out.”

The 482-feet homer by Arenado was tied with the third longest this year. The longest home run of 2019 came from the bat of Rangers’ Nomar Mazara when he hit a 505-footer off the White Sox’s Reynaldo Lopez on June 21. Rockies’ Ian Desmond hit one 486 feet into the stands off the Cubs’ Mike Mongomery on June 10. Arenado’s hit on Tuesday matched Mazara (off Montgomery on March 28) and the D-backs’ Ketel Marte (off the Mets’ Steven Matz on June 2).

Arenado though, did not seem to be too bothered about the distance as long as it clears the park.

“I knew I got it good,” he said. “I don’t know how those distances work. I don’t really believe in them. Yordan Alvarez hit [two] yesterday and they said only, like, 420 maybe? [429 and then 416, officially] He hit it like into the third deck in Houston. I think that ball might’ve gone a little farther than mine. As long as it’s fair and it goes out of the ballpark, it doesn’t matter.”

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