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Watch: When Novak Djokovic Made a Ball Boy’s Day

Watch: When Novak Djokovic Made a Ball Boy’s Day

Ball boys and girls in tennis work pretty hard throughout a match, running around tirelessly to make sure all that the players have to do is play. So it’s a heartwarming sight to see when a player and a ball boy/girl have funny interactions. Especially if the player is Novak Djokovic.

Highest-Paid Tennis Players
Novak Djokovic, Highest-Paid Tennis Players

In the early years of his career, Djokovic was known to be something of an imp. He was pretty good at mimicking other players on Tour, men and women. In the previous decade, he more or less, stopped it and became much more serious in his demeanor. But he still gave us many funny interactions with the ball boys and girls. 

Novak Djokovic and ball boy share an umbrella and a drink

One incident that stands out happened during the 2014 Roland Garros. Djokovic was playing in the very first round of the Grand Slam. He was up against Joao Sousa, but rain interrupted the play. Roland Garros will feature a roof on the Philippe-Chatrier court from 2020 onward. If it were already in place in 2014, we would have missed this nice little moment between Novak and a ball boy.

As the rain stopped play, Djokovic wet to his bench as a ball boy appeared with an umbrella over the player. The Serb cleared up his bench, removing one of his bags and bottles to make room. He then invited the lucky ball boy to sit with him. 

Slightly hesitant and unsure what was going on, the ball boy did finally sit beside Novak. Djokovic even made the ball boy comfortable by taking his umbrella into his own hands to protect both of them from rain. He gave his racquet to the boy instead and even encouraged the crowd to cheer for the young boy. Even as they soaked in the rain, the crowd was happy to acknowledge this moment. 

Djokovic and the boy had a nice chat too and both looked ready to settle on the bench for a nice long talk. The Serbian took a bottle of Perrier and handed it to the boy to drink too. Both clinked their bottles and sat back drinking and chatting away to glory. 

Just then the umpire called for play to resume as the rain had stopped.

A day the boy will likely never forget in his life. He probably wishes the rain had gone on a bit longer.

Novak Djokovic has a habit of showing his human side on the tennis courts. Be it during an intense match or when something like this occurs.

This is far from his first fun incident with a ball boy or girl. He has often played with them or even done their jobs on the courts.

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