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“Watch Out For Her” – Chris Evert Backs Serena Williams in Her Chase of 24th Grand Slam

“Watch Out For Her” – Chris Evert Backs Serena Williams in Her Chase of 24th Grand Slam

Back in 2017, Serena Williams won her 23rd Grand Slam and many were waiting for her 24th. It is now 2020, and she has still not won that 24th Grand Slam and many are wondering whether she will now that she has lost time due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Chris Evert, Serena will benefit from this time off. Check out what she said.

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Chris Evert On Serena Williams

In a recent interview with the BBC, Chris Evert talked about how this break will actually benefit Serena Williams. She feels that the American will be a lot calmer out there and that she will have a fresh perspective. Evert also talked about how this break may have a negative effect on other players but not Serena. She said,

“So that’s the danger zone for a lot of the other players because if anyone can get through these difficult times and these challenges it’s Serena Williams, with what she’s had to go through in her life. This will be a like piece of cake for her, so watch out for her.”

Here, Chris Evert is talking about the complications Serena faced while giving birth to her daughter. But she managed to pull off a comeback and reach multiple Grand Slam finals which is absolutely amazing.

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Even though Serena has reached many Grand Slam finals since 2018, she has not won any of them. And that is why in the interview, Chris Evert was asked why she would win this time. She replied by saying,

“There is enough time-lapse between those Grand Slam finals where she lost to now. That was then, and this is now. Don’t you think [the lockdown] has changed perspectives for people? I want to do more than ever now things that I’ve been postponing and I want to get to my bucket list.”

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The 24th Slam will cement Serena Williams’ position as the greatest women’s tennis player of all time. She definitely wants to win and she will be able to do that at this year’s US Open.

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