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WATCH: Ozzy Man’s Hilarious Video On Tennis Anger Issues

WATCH: Ozzy Man’s Hilarious Video On Tennis Anger Issues

Tennis has always been a sport that has been associated with culture and sportsmanship. The stars of tennis are not really expected to be people who indulge in skirmishes beyond the sport.

However, it’s not always that they are able to keep a check on their emotions. The heat of the moment makes you do preposterous things that you regret later.

The usually dignified sport is not averse to this phenomenon. Even the greatest of players have lost control over their emotions on the court.

In an interesting video, Ozzy man reviews has provided some light-hearted commentary on some of the craziest tennis tantrums in history.

What Are Some Of The Craziest Tennis Tantrums?

The video features players from Novak Djokovic to Stefanos Tsitsipas and Serena Williams who have lost their cool in the heat of the moment.

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Most of the skirmishes happen with the chair umpires who are in control of some close calls that affect the players. The video shows John Mcenroe in one of his famous confrontations with the chair umpire where he has some choice words for the line guy. Well, Mcenroe has insinuated in the past that the “human” element is going out of tennis. That’s some crazy human element.

Djokovic bashing his tennis racquet

The confrontations with line umpires and administration are not limited to Mcenroe. In fact, Marin Cilic went ahead and kicked the line guy in the shin so hard that he was writhing with pain at the end of it! Even tennis legend Serena Williams is not immune to these confrontations.

In contrast, some players choose to vent their frustration in different manners. While some like Novak Djokovic destroy their tennis racquets, unfortunately, they are not the first. You’ll be surprised to know that there are players who have caused serious damage to themselves and their family members during a match.

Mikhail Youzhny was so disappointed with his game at the 2008 French Open that he smashed his head open with his racquet! Yes, you read that right!

Very recently, the usually composed Stefanos Tsitsipas hit his coach and father Apostolos Tsitsipas with his racquet at the ATP cup after losing a game. However, the Greek later clarified that he didn’t mean it.

Is Their Room For Violent Reactions In Sport?

No one can deny the fact that you can’t avoid confrontation in sport just because of the very nature of the activity. It pushes players to their emotional extremes. With players risking their sweat and blood, losses can be frustrating. Especially when you feel you have been wronged.

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However, this can at no point of time justify violence that harms people. There should always be a line that separates emotion from violence.

What do you think is the reasonable line of control in tennis?


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