WATCH: PlayStation State Of Play Reveals 12 Minute of Demon’s Souls Gameplay

November 7, 2020 11:04 pm

The 2009 PlayStation 3 classic Demon’s Souls will make a return with the PS5 launch. PlayStation today shared a new State of Play episode that showed off exclusive gameplay of the revamped title.

The 12-minute gameplay focuses on the offline campaign in the game and is narrated by SIE Worldwide Studios’ creative director Gavin Moore. Furthermore, the blog explains how the game is an all-time classic. For gamers who like the RPG genre but have never visited the world of Boletaria, this title is a must.

Starting November 12, the fully rebuilt Demon’s Souls hits PlayStation 5. If you’ve never endured the Valley of Defilement, faced the intimidating Penetrator boss, or rolled credits on this truly mind-bending story, let us simply say: you are in for a treat.

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How will PlayStation 5 enhance Demon’s Souls?

The gameplay video gives an overview of various details we were already aware of. It details out the expanded character creator, along with the dynamic improvements from PS5’s hardware. One of the noticeable factors is the decreased load times for players switching between levels.

Another point Moore discusses is the Demon’s Souls in Performance Mode. Players can opt for this mode if they want to play with 60 FPS with Dynamic 4K. The other option is Cinematic 4K which runs the game in “cinematic 4K” at 30 FPS.

Further to that, Sony’s Pulse 3D Wireless headset is going to aid in immersing players in the Tempest 3D audio. The publishing house, Bluepoint Games claim that they have added multiple new sound effects to the existing track. Therefore, the audio and visual concoction is going to be an experience in itself.

In addition, the DualSense controllers with haptic feedback will allow players all the incentive to get completely immersed in the consumed kingdom of the Old One.

Enjoy the classic title in a brand new fashion from November 12. Watch this space for more news on PlayStation.

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