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WATCH: Rafael Nadal Coaching Roger Federer to Defeat Nick Kyrgios at Laver Cup 2019

WATCH: Rafael Nadal Coaching Roger Federer to Defeat Nick Kyrgios at Laver Cup 2019

Roger Federer remains unbeaten (3-0) against Nick Kyrgios at the Laver Cup after he edged out the latter in a super tie-break to give Team Europe a 5-3 lead after the opening session of the second day of the Laver Cup 2019 in Geneva on Saturday.

Roger Federer utilized sound advice from his arch-rival, Rafael Nadal, who brought out some statistics to help his longtime rival engineer a comeback and win the match 6-7(5), 7-5, 10-7 after a set down. Federer mentioned that Rafa’s words were of great use at the crucial point of time.

Roger Federer

The 20-time Grand Slam champion squandered a lead of 4-0 in the opening set tiebreaker as he lost the tiebreaker 7-5. Though the 38-year-old held his serve in the second set but couldn’t command the shorter rallies.

Nadal then went to Federer during the changeover at 4-5, when Federer was serving to stay for the match. The Spaniard offered statistics to the Basel native after which, Federer went on to win three games in a row.

Rafael Nadal also urged the Swiss to add more spin to his serve and hit higher balls to distort the  Australian’s rhythm. The strategy worked well for Federer as he won the set to force the match to the final set tiebreaker.

“After five shots in the rally, you are winning more points than him,” Nadal said while coaching Roger Federer. “I know it’s difficult because he reads the ball so well… Wait for the right one and then attack because he’s not missing.”

Talking about Nadal’s advice, Roger Federer said in the post-match press conference, “It helped absolutely. Look at the result. We did it. I really enjoy his clarity in his advice. It reminds me of the match which was very similar in Prague against Nick. It was a struggle from the baseline, trying to find the right balance of how aggressive to play.”

He further added: “What I really enjoy with Rafa, our ideas often align. When it comes to rally points, he is excellent. He knows how much is enough and how much is too much. And he’s a great problem, solution finder.”

Roger Federer further elucidated upon Rafa’s advice. “I found it quite impressive in the doubles when I played with him, how he is constantly looking for a new way to win or stay on a certain track if he feels that it’s winning,” Federer explained.

“So that is the true reason why he is the champion is today. Because he is not scared of changing a winning tactic and he is also a big believer in resting and I do similar things. So it is very enjoyable to hear him speak especially during the game.”

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