Watch: Kimi Raikkonen Took a Tumble While on a Yacht

By 2 years ago

Without a doubt, Kimi Raikkonen is a fan favourite driver. The Finn is well known for his cool temperament, love for ice cream and booze. Off the track, the Finnish veteran is a riot and he was even more popular when he joined Instagram. There have been many jokes of a drunk Raikkonen being cracked many a time.

When he was on British TV show Top Gear, as a guest, host Jeremy Clarkson mentioned that their ‘tame’ racing driver, The Stig saw a man pass out in front of him and that it was Kimi. In an earlier incident, Raikkonen’s McLaren broke down during the Monaco GP and instead of heading to the pits, he made a detour to a nearby yacht.

However, a video recently surfaced where a supposedly drunk Raikkonen took a spill on a yacht and fell on the deck.

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This video was supposedly shot in 2003, back when he was still with McLaren. But now, 16 years later, he will be racing for the team that handed him his F1 debut, Sauber.

The 39-year old Finn will be joined by Italian driver Antonio Giovinazzi. Giovinazzi is the first Italian driver to race full-time in Formula One since Jarno Trulli in 2011.

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