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WATCH: Redditor Breaks Valorant Kills Record

WATCH: Redditor Breaks Valorant Kills Record


Valorant player lunviu recently uploaded a video where he shows how he achieved an immense feat – 73 kills in a single game. He uploaded clips form his match and the final result on Reddit, where he unwittingly sparked off an entire conversation surrounding the game.

lunviu explained the process of him getting to the match where he achieved this feat. He initially played 20 unrated and 5 ranked matches, placing in the Iron 1 rank.

First things first, I don’t think I’m good at this game. When I started playing Valorant, I wasn’t very good, I was still learning the game, after my 20 matches and 5 placement matches I was placed in Iron 1, and I grinded up to gold 1.

He states that he had played a considerable amount of games, getting him to Gold 1, which is a good rank, but only 4th on the 8 tiers. 

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Is lunviu the best Valorant player?

The simple answer is ‘no’. The player makes it extremely clear in the video he posted itself. He was able to amass such a huge number of kills due to a flaw in the game design choices. His stat line for the game was 73 kills to 16 deaths, making a K/D ratio of 4.56.

lunviu then explains that he got to a certain skill level and went into online matchmaking. Online matchmaking uses a different assessment of players’ skill level, separate from their ELO in ranked matches. So, although lunviu was a Gold 1 player in ranked games, he was starting from the bottom in matchmaking. This gave him an MMR (matchmaking rating) equal to that of a player in rank Iron 1.

After hitting gold, I played normal matchmaking. What happened is, my ranked ELO increased, while my previous matchmaking MMR stayed the same, so I ended up playing against people less skilled.

So lunviu was essentially destroying less skilled players, which explains the absurd kill count. This can be seen as a design flaw, rather than a design choice in Valorant, since it may carry the potential to create terribly unbalanced games in unranked matchmaking. Here, highly skilled players may be matched up with beginners, which would make for an uncompetitive experience overall. Moreover, the lobby was bad enough to be dominated by lunviu, but good enough to take the match to 13:12. This is an extremely rare occurrence, and may never happen again.

To his credit, lunviu never claimed to be a good player, and immediately acknowledged the fact that he was in a lobby with less skilled players. 

I’m not Shroud, I’m not good at the game, I basically got placed into a skilless game. Okay. I’m bad. Buh bye”.

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