WATCH: Ricciardo Has His Own Funny Way of Bidding Fernando Farewell


This weekend’s race is Fernando Alonso’s last race in Formula One (at least from what it looks right now). He’ll leave the F1 paddock after 4 frustrating years at McLaren in trying to get back to winning ways, but it never happened. Not even a podium. But all said and done, his final race is a significant event in F1’s history, especially considering the fan following Fernando has and the influence he enjoys in the sport. Daniel Ricciardo, who himself will be bidding some sort of a farewell to his Red Bull team after 5 years with the team, decided to bid Fernando farewell, in his own funny way.

He posted a series of stories on Instagram, all for Fernando, that were really funny.


The paintings in the video/photos were made in the driver’s briefing room which the FIA had decided to decorate to commemorate the remarkable career of Fernando Alonso.

Its incredible how Ricciardo managade to find humour out of this. 2018 might not have been a very successful year for him, but he definitely won a lot of hears this year.


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