WATCH: Robert Kubica Has a Massive Shunt at the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix

By 12 months ago

Just when you thought that things could not get any worse for the Williams F1 team. During the second free practice session, Robert Kubica had a massive shunt in his first session at Sao Paulo.

The Polish driver fell afoul of the rainy conditions and the helpless FW42 slithered into the barrier. Naturally, this brought out the red flag so that the broken car could be cleared away.

Robert Kubica had just exited the Senna S chicanes, when he lost control over the wet circuit and careened into the barrier. After impacting the barrier, the car slid a little way off on the damp grass, before coming to a stop

During the opening session, Nicholas Latifi took over for the veteran driver, who will leave F1 at the end of the season. That first session also caught out a number of drivers, with both Red Bulls, spinning off. However, it was Alex Albon who clattered the barrier, though he managed to top the session before wiping out.

Admittedly, Lewis Hamilton did not set a timed lap in FP1, having felt that the conditions were a little too treacherous. A couple of other drivers also settled for installation laps before pitting for good.

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