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WATCH: Roger Federer Believes That Steffi Graf Can Buy A $85 Million Island

WATCH: Roger Federer Believes That Steffi Graf Can Buy A $85 Million Island

Swiss star¬†Roger Federer was the latest guest on Comedian Andy Lee’s show. In the humour based game show, both Andy and the celebrity in question have to guess the name of a famous personality. They do it through the clues given by their competitor.

In the game between Federer and Lee, while Roger had to guess Novak Djokovic, Andy Lee had to guess the name of tennis legend Steffi Graf.

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Let’s talk about some of the funniest moments from the game!

What Did Roger Federer Do In The Game?

The first question that Andy asked Roger was whether the person he has to guess can buy an $85 million island. Federer comprehended that Steffi Graff could so he answered yes. However, Andy Lee crossed Steffi’s name out along with stars like Naomi Osaka and Bernard Tomic!

Andy’s next question was pretty smart asking whether the player in question could hit a two-handed backhand. As Roger said the person’s a one-hander, Andy struck some more options out.

Hands down the most interesting question of the game came from Andy when he asked whether Roger would allow the said person to babysit his kids. Federer was prompt to reply that he would. Andy hilariously crossed Justin Bieber out!

Roger Federer

The fun was yet to come as he crossed out Kim Kardashian next saying he wouldn’t want cameras around his kids! However, Roget went for an easy question, in the end, asking whether his person was an Aussie. It wasn’t. This allowed Roger to win the game as he correctly guessed Novak!

The most contentious question remained whether Stefi could afford a $85 million island. Well, Roger did find a sneaky way out. He revealed that he believes she can afford it along with het husband Andre Agassi.

Overall, the video provides a fun little release from the rigours of the Australian Open. Roger Federer was knocked out after losing to Novak Djokovic in straight sets in the semi finals.

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