WATCH: Roger Federer Gets Nostalgic During Quarantine

By 2 months ago

Roger Federer has been constantly updating his fans on his routine at home. While we are extremely unlucky to not see him in action on the tennis court in what might be some of his last days, Federer ensures that we see him practising his art at his house.

A few days back, he uploaded a video while playing some cheeky trick shots. Roger has again uploaded a video via his Twitter account. This time, the Swiss maestro would take us back to his childhood practice routine.

Along with that, he also had an important message for his fans. Let’s find out what Federer had to say.

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What did Roger Federer say?

Federer was seen doing the practice routine that he did as a little boy. He acknowledged that he was on a nostalgic trip while hitting the tennis ball against the stationary wall. However, he also had a little message for his fans –

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“Hey guys,I just wanted to show you a little glimpse of how I’m practising at home. Again, against the wall, like in the old days. Staying active at home, very important at the moment. Maybe even working on the trick shots once in a while. But seriously now I  think it’s very important, more important than ever that we listen to local government. You know we adapt to the new situation. And we try our best. I’ll keep practising in the meantime. Maybe go for a run later and play against the wall like in the olden days.”

Roger Federer has only one goal in his mind at the moment. He wants to elongate his career as much as possible. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, he is losing a very crucial year of his career.

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He knows that the days left in his career are numbered and the fewer matches he plays, the fewer chances he has to bag another grand slam title. Yesterday, the cancellation of Wimbledon was being called a death blow for Federer. However, the legend was quick to reveal that he’s coming back to the grass in 2021.

We can only hope that the practice at home is strengthening the prospects of his return.

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