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WATCH: Roger Federer Reveals the Real Reason Behind His Great Forehand in New Lindt Commercial

WATCH: Roger Federer Reveals the Real Reason Behind His Great Forehand in New Lindt Commercial

Roger Federer recently inaugurated a 9-meter high chocolate fountain in a chocolate museum, created at Lindt & Sprüngli’s Home of Chocolate. The Swiss maestro has also showcased his humorous side in a recent video commercial released by Lindt.

In the video, Federer goes through the different attractions at the museum with a chef. The chef, unable to control himself, asks Federer a personal question, midway through the tour.

“I’m a pretty good tennis player myself. I’m just wondering, what is the secret of that forehand?”

Federer hilariously replies, “a bad backhand!”, reducing both to a fit of laughter.

Roger Federer and Lindt Chocolates

Federer has notably been the brand ambassador of Lindt since 2009. At the recent inauguration of the chocolate fountain in the museum, Lindt Chairman, Ernst Tanner, and Federal Councilor, Ueli Maurer, had joined Federer to help with the ceremony.

Coming to tennis, Federer played at the start of the 2020 season and reached the semi-finals of the Australian Open. But as the pandemic spread across the world, tennis took a back seat and Federer had to go under the knife for his knee surgery. While the season has resumed, Federer is nowhere close to full fitness. The 20-time Major winner will return in 2021.

As Federer has a lot of endorsements and brand deals, he has appeared in a lot of different commercials in the last few months. Recently, Federer was exercising his singing skills in a commercial for the Swiss Telecommunication company, Sunrise. Naturally, that received a lot of traction on social media.

Earlier in June, Federer had also co-developed a new series of shoes with Swiss sneaker brand ‘ON’.

And now, as Federer recovers and returns to his old prowess, it will be interesting to see him back on the court at the 2021 Australian Open.

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