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Watch: ‘Rolling Thunder’ Kick Sends UFC Veteran Ross Pearson Flying Across the Ring

Watch: ‘Rolling Thunder’ Kick Sends UFC Veteran Ross Pearson Flying Across the Ring

Over the years we have seen some incredible knockouts in the sports of MMA. Edson Barboza’s spinning head kick knockout, Anderson Silva’s front leg kick knockout, Conor McGregor swift and precise left hand knock out against Jose Aldo, but this knockout is unique, to say the least. Former UFC veteran and the Ultimate Fighting Championship season 9 winner, Ross Pearson found himself on the wrong side of the knockout against Davy Gallon at Probellum 1 London.

Ross Pearson has fought some tough opponents in his UFC career including Jorge Masvidal, Paul Felder, and Dan Hooker. He used to compete in the lightweight division, however, he made his MMA return in featherweight division against Davy Gallon and that was nothing but detrimental to his performance inside the ring.

Davy Gallon executed a picture-perfect rolling thunder that sent Pearson flying across the ring as he was unconscious the moment he got hit with the kick.

After several losses in UFC, it was believed that Ross Pearson hung up the gloves and bid his farewell to the sport. However, he would later return to the combat sports when he decided to make his boxing debut in Australia. He made a successful return by winning the boxing fight via knockout, however, his decision to return to MMA does not work out too well for him.

Nevertheless, Ross Pearson is one of the veterans of the sport and it would be intriguing to see what he decides to do next after the ridiculous knock out he suffered courtesy fo, Davy Gallon. With this win, while Gallon moves up to a record of 18-7-2, Pearson moves up to a record of 20-17(1NC)

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