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Watch: Scenes From Alfa Romeo’s Year end Party Show Kimi Raikkonen Having a Blast

Watch: Scenes From Alfa Romeo’s Year end Party Show Kimi Raikkonen Having a Blast

Alfa Romeo F1 and Kimi Raikkonen know how to party. Alfa Romeo, formerly Sauber F1 held its year end celebrations at the team’s Swiss headquarters at Hinwil, Zurich. Attended by Sauber/Alfa Romeo drivers, staff and management, the party had a fun theme to it.

The main people present were Alfa Romeo’s two F1 drivers in Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi. In addition, the team’s Formula 1 eSport team member Daniel Bereznay joined the party as well. It was a reward for the Hungarian’s 3 wins and 3rd place in the eSport series of F1 in 2019.

The party had a circus theme to it. Everyone dressed up in various circus related costumes. People dressed as toy soldiers and participants on stilts were amongst the costumes that were used.

Perhaps the biggest attraction of the party was Kimi himself. The Iceman lived up to his reputation of not sticking to the norm. His costume was that of a monkey, but it certainly made him the center of attraction of a colorful party and on social media.

The main attractions

During the strong man competition, the victor should come as no surprise. Esport member, Daniel Bereznay was the first at the strongman competition. His power shot saw him push the puck to just under 60.

Giovinazzi went next. The Italian driver, who completed his first full season in F1, fared much worse. The Italian’s power was enough to move the puck to under 50. As the Alfa Romeo team’s Instagram joked on its story, he should stick to just racing.

Finally, the iceman himself in his monkey costume took center stage. Kimi Raikkonen was confident from the start of hitting the bell with a perfect shot. A few moments later, that prediction came true, as he blew Bereznay’s score.

Kimi certainly was in his party mood. It’s not the first time he’s shed his usual iceman type demeanour. During the 2018 FIA Awards, Kimi once again shed his reserved persona, and was a more vocal and energetic man at the gala ceremony. However, the explanation for that behaviour was that he had knocked a few too many drinks, and was a bit tipsy.

It’s certainly a lot of fun to see Kimi in this mood. The Finn was even happy to socialize with the Sauber Esports team, as the team called it, a meeting between virtual and reality members.

Alfa Romeo had a good season in 2019 scoringย  57 points. Kimi led the team with 43 points, to finish 12th in the drivers championship. Giovinazzi had a 14 point haul for the season. This was the best points return for the former Sauber team, since 2012 when they scored 126 points.

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