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Watch: Sebastian Vettel Plays a Prank, Gives Passengers the Scare of their Lives

Watch: Sebastian Vettel Plays a Prank, Gives Passengers the Scare of their Lives

Sebastian Vettel is a driver who possesses a wicked sense of humour. This started in his early Formula One days, particularly with Red Bull. The German driver was notorious for being a joker, especially when it involved the public or even his fellow drivers.

One particular prank sticked out, where he teamed up with Infiniti to prank a few customers. He disguised himself as an ordinary demo driver and tested out various Infiniti cars. His primary job was to drive passengers around the compound and take them for a spin.

Sebastian Vettel Unleashed

However, Vettel appeared to take that instruction a little too literally. Needless to say, his passengers were absolutely terrified and screaming their lungs out.

The former Red Bull driver donned a mullet, a faux beard and fake potbelly and completed the look with dirty work clothes. With the get-up, Vettel successfully stayed incognito to numerous customers into thinking that he was a humble mechanic.

Initially he stayed in character, starting with a gentle demonstration drive. However, it did not last, as Vettel threw off the facade and turned things up a bit. He performed big skids and drove like a man possessed, as he thoroughly enjoyed the terrified reactions from his passengers.

Unfortunately, the video did not last long enough for Vettel to dramatically fling off his disguise for the quivering car buyers after their short thrill rides.

Even in the F1 paddock, Sebastian Vettel loves to joke around in the press conference and evoke laughter from others around him. In terms of on-track performance, there is a lot to be desired, as he has been prone to making mistakes. So the 2020 season will be crunch time for him and one of his final chances to prove that he deserves to stay at Ferrari beyond 2020.

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