Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel resorted to petty revenge

Sebastian Vettel rarely loses his cool. But when he does, its for a very valid reason. Being given a ridiculous penalty for cutting the corner and taking an advantage at turn 4, he was given a +5s  time penalty. This resulted in him dropping to second position and losing what could have been the first victory of his 2019 season.

Having lost the victory because of stewards decision, Sebastian Vettel refused to take the situation lightly. He was furious, and rightly so. Even more so, he decided to ditch the post race press conference all together. After his team managed to calm him down and take him to the podium, he took a small detour and swapped the 1-2 sign place before Hamilton’s car and where his car would have been.

Watch the video inside:

There were doubts if he will even attend the podium ceremony. But when he came out, the crowd went mad. Have a look inside: