WATCH: Sofia Kenin Narrates The Story Of Her Life

April 13, 2020 10:52 pm

American tennis star Sofia Kenin is one of the fastest rising forces in the world of tennis. A year ago, not many people cared about her.

However, her pathbreaking victory at the Australian Open at the beginning of this year made her a household name. All of a sudden, people wanted to know more about this young girl. If you’re one of those people, we have you covered with an interesting WTA video.

Back in May 2019, WTA did an interesting feature with Kenin where the American tennis star narrated many interesting details about her life. From her love for Andy Roddick to her admiration of Maria Sharapova, the video covered many interesting aspects in the words of Kenin herself.

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What does Sofia Kenin talk about in the video?

Sofia Kenin traces her passion for tennis from a very young age. The video also shows a childhood clip of Kenin giving an interview. Therein, she reveals how she fangirls over American great Andy Roddick.

Kenin details how she had always been very good at her studies. However, the choice of career had to be made at some point. An interesting event in her life made this dilemma very simple.

Sofia qualified to the third round of the US Open 2017. There, she faced one of her biggest inspirations in Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova. Even though she lost the match 7-5, 6-2, that event convinced her to make tennis her topmost priority.

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Sofia’s parents are also heavily involved in the video. Especially her father, who has been her coach since a very young age. Kenin’s father was one person who always believed that his daughter would make it big.

One day, his daughter did make him proud. However, this is still only the beginning. There is a long path that Kenin still has to travel. She can definitely become one of the greatest if she continues to play with determination.

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