WATCH: Some of the Most Intimidating Fortnite Skins Ever, Donned by Ninja, Tfue and Others

November 12, 2020 9:29 pm

Since the three years of its release, Fortnite has offered a wide range of skins to its players. Even though casual players do not spend money on these skins, the content creators and pros always try to expand their collection. Some skins fail to make an impact while others stand out and players use them more often.

Some of the most skilled players in Fortnite stick to popular skins for a long time. They do so to create a distinct in-game look and indirectly notify the fans of their presence in the lobbies. Naturally, this sets a trend of certain skins being only used by the skilled players in the game.

The Fortnite community calls these skins ‘sweaty’ and YouTube channel Top5Gaming recently talked about some of the ‘sweatiest’ skins in Fortnite:

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Why do players fear facing certain skins in Fortnite?

Based on their skins, one can make an educated guess of a player’s experience and skill set in Fortnite. Skins like The Renegade Raider, The Reaper and the Recon Expert are some of the rarest ones in the game. A player who owns any of these skins is more likely to be a veteran and knows the game inside out.

Also, content creators and pro players play a huge role in making skins popular because fans always try to imitate them on the battlefield. Back in the day, fans used to be afraid of facing players with the same skins as popular streamers like Ninja, Tfue and SypherPK.

For instance, both Ninja and Tfue started using the classic Fishtick skin as soon as it came out. As a result, the community started fearing anyone who donned such skins.

Also, when Fortnite banned Tfue and he started using the Default skins, his fans followed him blatantly. Subsequently, a lot of players started using the default skins to troll other players.

Released on October 5, 2019, the Maniac skin was also one of the most popular skins in the game. The skin was heavily inspired by popular YouTuber SypherPK’s logo, and a lot of his fans bought it. Therefore, players with the Maniac skin were intimidating for other players because of SypherPK’s history attached to it.

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These were some of the most intimidating skins that the Fortnite community has ever faced. Trends change with time; however, these skins have established a legacy of their own. Have you ever faced a player with any of these skins?

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