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WATCH: Spectacular Last Corner Overtake from Andrea Dovizioso to Win the Austrian GP

WATCH: Spectacular Last Corner Overtake from Andrea Dovizioso to Win the Austrian GP

Andrea Dovizioso

Ducati rider Andrea Dovizioso won the Austrian GP in the most thrilling of fashions with a spectacular overtake in the final corner of the race.

He, along with Marc Marquez, were involved in a thrilling duel for the majority of the race, where the Italian went ahead of Marquez in the final corner, leading to Austrian glory.

Dovizioso felt it was a ‘crazy’ thing that had worked, making him feel extremely strong.

“When I arrived there (at the last corner), I did not feel I can enter in that corner because I can’t brake in the same place as Marc,” Dovizioso was quoted saying following his team’s fourth consecutive win in Austria.

“But it was the last corner. I had to try, I wanted it. If I arrive too late, I can finish second easily.

“I feel so strong in that moment. It is something in the past I always think about but I did something crazy and sometimes it works.”


Spectacular last corner overtake from Andrea Dovizioso to win the Austrian GP over Marc Márquez – MotoGP from sports

He also revealed a mistake with the rear tyre, but naturally, wasn’t too unhappy about it after the win.

“I’m happy because we did a big mistake with the rear tyre,” Marquez said. “Immediately I saw when I got out, all soft tyres had better grip and even consistency in the end. Anyway, I try because I am Marc and I need to try. This second place, of course missed the last corner, but I was sliding a lot at the rear.”

“Dovi did an incredible job. At the moment we are leading by 58 points so we continue on the same way.”

During the astonishing turn, according to the second placed Marquez, there was a slight contact between the two drivers, which led him into thinking there could be a crash.

“I said ‘if I go in the last corner too fast, he will overtake me before the finish line’ because I didn’t have the drive, I needed to keep the corner speed and then I tried to choose the middle,” Marquez said.

“When he overtook me, I was thinking that I was able to stop the bike and come back, like he did two years ago – but then my protection of the front lever was touched on his leather or some part of his bike.

“And then I was going wide with him, because my bike was going with his bike. I was thinking that I will crash, but then fortunately that piece broke, and then I was able to stop the bike and I didn’t crash.

“But yeah, (it) was that small contact; that piece, the protection of the front brake, was attached to somewhere of his bike.”

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