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WATCH: Stefanos Tsitsipas Makes Racquet Smash Joke on his Father

WATCH: Stefanos Tsitsipas Makes Racquet Smash Joke on his Father

World No.6 Stefanos Tsitsipas teases his father of smashing his racquet into him again. The Greek star had hurt his father after he accidentally hit him with his racquet in a major meltdown at the ATP Cup 2020.

After conceding the first set on a tie-break against Nick Kyrgios in the round-robin of the ATP Cup 2020 in Brisbane, Tsitipas lost his cool. He smashed his racket at his chair, mistakenly hitting his dad and coach, Apostolos Tsitsipas.

Stefanos Tsitsipas

“I am gonna smash the racquet into you”: Stefanos Tsitsipas

The next-generation star was having some time off the court at a beach with his family after knocking out of the ATP Cup 2020. During his quality time with family, Tsitsipas also teased his father about hitting him again with his racquet.

“You make me so proud, my genes are really you know, you got the best genes ever,” Apostolos Tsitsipas told his son in a video.

“I am gonna smash the racquet into you,” Tsitsipas replied to his father jokingly.

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Why did Tsitsipas hit his father?

After dropping the first set in his singles match against Nick Kyrgios, he smashed his racquet into the advertising boards and chairs on the court. Tsitsipas also unintentionally hurt his father and Team Greece captain, Apostolos Tsitsipas.

After Apostolos walked away from him, his mother subsequently walked out of the stands and scold her son for his bad behaviour. Tsitsipas also received a code violation from the umpire Mohamed Lahyani for unsportsmanlike conduct for smashing his racquet.

Stefanos Tsitsipas

“It was fine. It happened accidentally. I didn’t mean to do it and straight away forgot about it and moved from there. It happens. I wasn’t aiming to do that, so just it went out of control, unfortunately,” Tsitsipas said in the post-match interview.

Tsitsipas will be aiming to put behind his substandard performance in the ATP Cup 2020 ahead of the Australian Open 2020. The 21-year-old managed to win only one match in the tournament. His lone victory came against his fellow mate Alexander Zverev.

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