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Watch: SypherPK And Ninja Say Removing SBMM From Fortnite Is A Bad Decision

Watch: SypherPK And Ninja Say Removing SBMM From Fortnite Is A Bad Decision

Fortnite recently updated and tweaked several aspects in the game. When it comes to significant decisions, Epic delivers its consistency. Not long ago, several popular streamers and pro players complained about these issues. With the update v12.50, Epic tried their best to go back to the old Fortnite. 

While things like nerfing guns or getting rid of server bugs were expected, they took it one step further by removing SBMM. The Fortnite community has had varied opinions about SBMM. It is a necessary part of the game, matching players based on their statistics. However, the removal from squads did strike up another debate.

Players started dropping 40kills in squads. Ninja and SypherPK began to discuss this issue in depth. SBMM is definitely something the game needs to have. The fairness of the game depends on it. Without SBMM, players who are starting will get killed by more experienced guys. 

Fortnite Faces Consequences For Removing SBMM

First and foremost, the game is quite popular among kids. There is no glory in Elites killing random squads of four kids. SBMM focused precisely on this aspect, matching people of the same skill level. Ninja said, “If a lot of really good people started playing squads again, it is going to be really, really hard for bad players to get wins.”

The statement holds as removing SBMM did bring back a lot of old registered players. Sypher, on the other hand, feels that there are still a lot of issues with Fortnite. There is another solution which depends on rank. Games like Valorant and COD Warzone implement Rank-Based Matchmaking. It rather separates people based on their wins and losses and current rank, than skill. 

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“You Can Still Have SBMM, But A Lot Softer.”

SypherPK feels that having SBMM will only help the game, but it needs to be softer. He said that there needs to be a certain range with the SBMM segregation. Ninja said that it is quite essential to have an open and easy lobby for brand new players. Dying to a favorite streamer/player is fun, but it doesn’t encourage a player in the long run. 

The current situation stands definitely better than what it was before. Although this doesn’t look like the perfect situation either. Ninja and Sypher went on to discuss a hypothetical situation. For gamers who are not that good, SBMM helped a lot in squads matching them against equal caliber. However, without SBMM in squads, that scenario would be downright depressing. What are your thoughts on SBMM being removed?

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