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Watch: SypherPK Expose The Bot Issue In Fortnite

Watch: SypherPK Expose The Bot Issue In Fortnite

Fortnite battle royale, the most popular game of this generation, never ceases to amaze us. Recently, after a lot of criticism, Epic decided to change things entirely. Removed SBMM from squads, fixed all the necessary problems, even hosted grand concerts. Accomplishing all this during the pandemic lockdown is no mean feat. 

While the positive side gets mostly focused on, sometimes it is necessary to pay attention to the negative aspects. These issues discussed openly in a community help the developers with numerous insights. SypherPK, known for making videos that expose these problems, is one of the reliable sources for Fortnite insight. 

Sypher’s latest video focuses on the issue that relates to Bots in the game. The topics he also spoke about connects with his ongoing experiment. Sypher decided to play on the controller for a while to see its advantage and disadvantages over a keyboard. However, he concluded that keyboards always have the edge. 

SypherPK exposes the Bot issue. 

Sypher moved on to the topic where the game flustered with AI. Of course, Bots are necessary, but not in the same magnitude. Sometimes they appear right out of nowhere. While everyone enjoys the free kill, sometimes it turns out to be a stream-sniper. This confusion is quite common when it comes to random AI spawn.  

He explained his situation about SBMM and now complaining about bots. SBMM needed a tweak, no doubt there, but adjusted and removed are two different words. Sypher explained some faction of the community is calling him a hypocrite for this. In a battle of narratives, Sypher makes his argument clear by putting forward the right perspective.

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Fortnite current meta looks to encourage controller players.

Sypher explained how the controller players are doing well in competitions like FNCS Solo Invitational. Few theories which he spoke on made perfect sense, it does include the ratio of controller players in competitions these days. However, Sypher did summarize that Keyboard is superior because of more options. Bringing our attention to the current meta, the lack of traps and OP spray-weapons encourages controller players. 

The meta right now depends entirely on weaker shotguns and stronger heavy guns. Added to that is the traps issue; it makes the game incredibly easy for controllers. Even in competitive scenarios like FNCS, this meta remains the same. However, Sypher feels removing this right away would not be fair for the controller players. 

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