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Watch: SypherPK Speculates on Fortnite Map Changes

Watch: SypherPK Speculates on Fortnite Map Changes

Fortnite battle royale’s latest update had a lot of new things and elements which will be changing the game. The long-awaited flare gun is finally here. Its purpose is, however, a little different from what we expected. Besides that, a new item has been added, and a deployable upgrade station works anywhere. 

SypherPK recently made a video about the changes in Fortnite. This had explicitly to do with the map and the water level. It seems that the water level is indeed receding and a few new areas are surfacing. This is, perhaps, building up the storyline to a certain extent where Jules comes in. 

Weeping Woods, Salty Springs Steamy Stacks – these went under due to the Device event. Steamy is one of the locations that is back up again. Sypher dropped down there to check out the new design and the loot, and it pretty much looks the same. 

Fortnite map is going to see a gradual shift

We were expecting this ever since the Device event flooded the map. The water level will go down gradually, revealing several areas. Vehicles (cars) will be available for transportation. There are gas stations that have been popping up all around the map – these will be handy. So with regards to mobility from one spot to another, Epic is improving the aspect.

Sypher also spoke about the buffs which have been given to certain items. One of them including the Firefly Jars. The marauders drop rate has been buffed too. “The bridge in between Pleasant and Frenzy is back up.” Thus it is clear that as the water drops, the map will get clearer. 

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Update 13.20 is an all-encompassing patch 

This is the first phase where the water is finally draining from the map. Thus, it is quite certain that Epic will reveal more about the map as that is gradually done. Sypher also spoke about the new rare item in the game – the golden mushroom gives 100 shields if found. 

Epic is putting in a lot of items which is going to affect the game in a positive way. It is fairly certain at this point that the meta shift will consider all the different combinations.  

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