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Watch: Tfue, Scoped and Inno’s Impressive Skills In Fortnite Trios

Watch: Tfue, Scoped and Inno’s Impressive Skills In Fortnite Trios


Recently, Tfue, Scoped, and Inno took part in the Fortnite Championship. The trio knows their way around the blocks and builds to rise to the top that much was never in doubt. However, the way they achieved it, is exemplary. For three players with aggressive quick-paced counter-attack gameplay, clarity was a necessity to work together. 

Fortnite trios is perhaps the best way to play the game. At least in tournaments, the power of a trio perhaps outshines everything else, with Epic Games planning to make some significant changes to go back to how things were. Players and the community have kept demanding about the old map. While items may not normalize to that extent, some changes are definitely needed. 

Nevertheless, these three individuals, incredibly talented at their own level, are perhaps the best entertainers the game has. We know there is going to be a new best trio every week – we cannot forget their teamwork.

Fortnite players slay with teamwork in trios

Judging from their styles, Scoped, Tfue, and Inno are three separate, aggressive-minded players who love to win. To function in the trio structure, they needed incredible chemistry, not to mention humility. These three started the party with their smooth moves, rolling out without fear. Tfue died early on and was spectating most of the game.

Nevertheless, some issues do upset us like stream sniping as well as unprofessionalism within players, even winners. For professional Fortnite players, ego has no place in the equation. Our top three clicked so well because they kept their individualities aside.

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Tfue, Scoped, and Inno are the best trios right now 

You will see the difference when you look back at the players who took part in this tournament. Even though it was scrims, these players showed their chemistry, which was a class apart. There is not a shadow of a doubt that at this moment, they are dominating the scene.

Tfue Scoped Inno best trios in the world from FortniteCompetitive

A closer look at their gameplay shows how they’re all well connected and organized. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and these three certainly did that. The last circle always creates that special feeling, although the real moments were hidden in every combat they had. 

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