Watch: The Fans Celebrate On the Street After the Notorious Return of Conor McGregor at UFC 246

The Irish fans are back in town. Conor McGregor made his long-awaited UFC return in T-Mobile Arena at UFC 246. And what a night it was for the Notorious One.

It took only 40 seconds for Conor McGregor to get the job done against one of the most experienced fighters in UFC history, Donald Cerrone. Conor started the fight with a clinch, battered Cowboy’s nose with a few lethal blows, ironically knocked down Cowboy with a high kick, and finished the fight with some ground and pound. It’s as Conor promised during the media, he created magic inside the octagon.

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And now that he has returned to the sport the fans of Notorious can’t help but celebrate in the street of Vegas.

What’s Next For Conor McGregor

There are some huge fights ahead of Conor McGregor after the emphatic return at UFC 246. And according to the UFC president, Dana White the rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov is the fight to make. Conor McGregor has been campaigning for the rematch with Khabib ever since he lost the fight to him at UFC 229. However, right now Conor also has the welterweight title and the BMF title on his wish list.

All of the fights are going to be huge. While the title fight against Kamaru Usman will allow Conor to capture his third UFC title the rematch with Khabib might be the biggest rematch in UFC history. Hence it would be intriguing to see where do Conor goes next after his spectacular return.

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Alok Nayak