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WATCH: The Only Time Jorge Masvidal Suffered a TKO Loss

WATCH: The Only Time Jorge Masvidal Suffered a TKO Loss

Jorge Masvidal

From fighting in the backyards to competing in the main event at Madison Square Garden, the story of Jorge Masvidal has been nothing but spectacular. In his long career, Masvidal has fought in multiple organizations and some of the very best fighters in this sport.

Though his record is not as impressive as some of the other greats, Masvidal is certainly a people’s fighter and a true entertainer.

Few skills stand out when we discuss what Masvidal brings into the octagon: Elite boxing, solid ground game, a ton of experience, very high fight IQ, and last but not the least – his durability.

Jorge Masvidal is not the best fighter this sport has ever seen but he is a fighter’s fighter. Masvidal is one of the toughest opponents one can ask for inside the octagon. 

The only time when Jorge Masvidal got knocked out

All of the losses Masvidal has suffered have been by decisions. However, there is one knock out loss in the long career of the Gamebred. It was back in 2008 when Jorge Masvidal fought against Rodrigo Damm in Sengoku – Third Battle.

Well, the only knockout loss of Jorge Masvidal did not come easily. Rodrigo Damm had to fight almost two complete rounds to finally land a blow that knocked Masvidal down. It was not the most eventful fight until Damm landed a right hand that knocked down Jorge Masvidal. The referee stopped the fight at 4:38 minutes of round 2. 

Without a doubt, the stoppage is premature and Masvidal seems fine after the stoppage. However, that loss remains the only knockout loss in the long fighting career of Jorge Masvidal.

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Can Masvidal “baptize” Kamaru Usman?

Jorge Masvidal

If you look at Masvidal’s record, he has had trouble with fighters such as Kamaru Usman. Jorge can defend himself on the ground, as clear from his fight against Demian Maia. He also has a solid takedown defense.

Usman’s wrestling, however, is on another level.

In striking, Masvidal is way better than Usman. But it’s not an easy task to put Usman away as Masvidal has done to his previous few opponents.

From the fight between Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman, we have learned that Usman is very durable and can take a ton of punishment and still move forward.

Though Masvidal has a chance to win the welterweight title, Kamaru Usman should be the favorite going into the fight.

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