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WATCH: Toni Nadal Angry At Rafael Nadal After Double Fault

WATCH: Toni Nadal Angry At Rafael Nadal After Double Fault

Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios had a cracker of a match that thoroughly entertained the Australian audiences. Firmly behind their hometown hero, the crowd cheered Kyrgios as he exceeded his limits to put Nadal in a tough spot.

However, the Spaniard showed great grit in the last two sets to advance to the quarters.

Among all the audiences, there was one special person watching from the player’s box. It was Rafa’s uncle and former coach Toni Nadal. French player Alize Lim who was present in the player’s box uploaded a video through her official twitter account that showed an animated Toni.

What Is Toni Nadal Doing In The Video?

Rafa hit 4 double faults in the tense match. Although that’s not a large number, they came at crucial moments (like in the third set tiebreaker, although Rafa was able to win it).

Toni Nadal

As Rafa netted another ball in his first serve, Toni was outraged. He quipped – “Double fault and you go out”.

However, uncle Toni heaved a sigh of relief as Rafa won the point on his second serve. The match saw some impeccable serving from both Rafa and Nick. Kyrgios was especially sharp as he struck 25 aces to Nadal’s 12. However, there were some unforced errors that went on to hurt him at the later stages.

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Talking about Toni Nadal, he is currently helping budding players at the Rafael Nadal academy. You could have totally expected Uncle Toni to make similar statements if he was at Rafa’s side. The experienced coach had a reputation for being strict.

Whom Will Rafael Nadal Face In The Quarterfinals?

Nadal will face Dominic Thiem in the quarters after edging out Kyrgios. Thiem looked in tremendous form as he thrashed Gael Monfils in straight sets.

Despite that, an in-form Nadal will certainly be the favourite. It remains to be seen if Thiem can complete Kyrgios’s job.

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