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WATCH: Toro Rosso Prank Pierre Gasly by Packing the Garage as He Comes to Pits

WATCH: Toro Rosso Prank Pierre Gasly by Packing the Garage as He Comes to Pits

Formula One teams generally take their line of work very seriously, especially during a season. However, it isn’t all work and no play for the mechanics and drivers, as both parties are susceptible to pranks. During the post-2019 season Abu Dhabi test, the Toro Rosso team decided to play a prank on Pierre Gasly.

At the time, Gasly was out on track, but had just wrapped up his programme and was heading in. However, camera footage showed the crew closing the garage door very sneakily. By the time the STR14 rolled out to the garage, there was no life on the track. A puzzled Pierre Gasly commented on his team radio, “Guys? Where the f*** are you? Ok I can take the car home.”

After the team shared a few guffaws between themselves, they decided that the game was up and opened up the garage. Meanwhile, as he disembarked, Pierre Gasly simply slipped them the bird.

It wouldn’t be the first time a team has resorted to harmless pranks, if one can recall the prank pulled by Renault on an outgoing mechanic.

The team member in question was expected to join the Toro Rosso team in the 2020 season. So, as a bit of a goodbye gift, Nico the crew member, was bathed in oil, food and water, taped to a tyre trolley and wheeled down to Toro Rosso.

Being good sports, the Toro Rosso crew were equally enthusiastic while they poured oil over him before he was wheeled back to Renault to presumably clean up.

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