WATCH: Travis Scott Gives a Glimpse of What’s in Store for His Sony PlayStation Collaboration

October 24, 2020 7:21 pm

Just a few days left before Sony officially launches its next-generation console, the PlayStation 5. The company has already expressed explicit intentions that they plan to make it the biggest console ever made by Sony. Hence, they have constantly been putting in efforts to make the PS5 most powerful as well as the most desirable console in the market.

Sony has been focused on partnering up with industry leaders to advertise the PS5. They have already made deals to bring various exclusive games to the console. However, Sony’s latest attempt is to partner up with a top name associated with the music industry, Travis Scott.

Travis has a history of being affiliated with the gaming industry. He was part of Ninja’s Twitch stream alongside Drake and JuJu Smith-Schuster that broke the Twitch viewership record. The stream went on to become the most popular broadcast on the platform.

Travis Scott joins PlayStation as Strategic Creative Partner

The addition of Scott is going to prove highly beneficial to Sony. Firstly, he can drive a lot of traffic to the PS5. Secondly, the partnership can lead to PS5 games having some of that sweet Travis music. Finally, we can also expect Travis x PS5 merchandise soon, which we can deduce from the tease posted by both PlayStation and Travis.

PS employees in the video are wearing merch with Travis’ markings as well as the PS logo. Moreover, the video also shows Travis sitting on a couch firing up the PS5.

Scott captioned the video “Meet the gang, ReBuilt a office at the topfloor in Japan To chef up.” 

It is unclear whether the room is a part of the set or it is actually an office as Travis mentions in his caption. If it is an office, Travis has done one hell of a job redecorating.

Sony hasn’t made the details of the partnership public yet. Therefore, the role Scott will play remains unclear for now. However, we can expect to see his face as well as the aforementioned merch in upcoming promos.

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