WATCH: UFC Legend Cain Velasquez Targets Brock Lesnar on His WWE Debut

By 9 months ago

UFC Legend Cain Velasquez made a shocking debut in the WWE on Friday as he targeted Brock Lesnar, his former foe from UFC. Vasquez came running into the ring and wasted no time in taking Lesnar down and punching him continuously on his face.

This certainly might have come as a shock for Lesnar, who had hardly celebrated his heavyweight championship victory over Kofi Kingston. He had taken down Kofi with his finishing move in a mere 10 seconds and pinned him down. He started celebrating his victory, when Velasquez ran into the ring to attack him.

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The reason for Velasquez to attack Lesnar though, should not be rocket science. Their rivalry goes back to the time when Lesnar used to be a part of UFC, where the rivalry between the two started.

Watch the Cain Velasquez vs Brock Lesnar in UFC:

Though Velasquez made his first appearance in WWE, Vasquez is still not known to have retired from UFC. ESPN reported that he is yet to officially sign a deal with WWE or retire from UFC.

“This is definitely my focus,” Velasquez was quoted as saying by ESPN. “My family is into it, they love it. They’re super excited. I haven’t seen them excited over something like this in a while. It’s cool.”

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