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WATCH: Valkyrae Explains Her Conundrum of Being Involved With RFLCT Following Recent Public Backlash

Published 10/24/2021, 8:00 AM EDT

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Popular streaming star Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter recently came under scrutiny with her new skincare product, RFLCT. The products dropped a couple of days ago after 100 Thieves Co-Owner massively promoted it. According to Valkyrae and RFLCT, the new skincare line helped protect users from “dangerous” blue light emitted by screens.

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However, many of her fans stated that these products provided a solution for an “overblown” problem. They claimed that RFLCT tried to create a new skin problem, which shouldn’t affect people at all. Following the massive backlash, Hofstetter finally broke her silence in a recent stream to talk about the situation.


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Valkyrae explains her naivety regarding RFLCT’s research studies

During the public outcry, many fans wanted RFLCT to back up their claims about the harmful effects of blue light. Many of them mentioned that they should reveal studies and any background information to consumers, so they knew why it was a problem. However, the company’s website doesn’t have a single piece of information about any studies. During her stream, Valkyrae stated that she saw RFLCT doing studies on the effects of blue light. However, she later found out that the company would never release the data to the public.

“This whole time, I was under the impression that all of that research and everything that I saw was going to be on the website.”


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Other than that, fans also blasted the streamer for “trying to scam” them into buying these products. They even accused her of taking part in a “cash grab” after promoting a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist. However, Valkyrae responded to these claims by saying that she wouldn’t earn a lot from this venture. Plus, she also mentioned that if she wanted to earn more, she would have just sold more merchandise.

“If I really needed more money, wouldn’t I sell more merch every week?”


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Unsure about future involvement with RFLCT

Fans also asked Valkyrae whether she would continue her involvement with RFLCT after the total fiasco. She stated that she believed in the product and blue light being a major problem for the skin. However, she’s unsure whether she would want to stay with the company and promote their product because she can’t show the users the studies that she saw. Additionally, she also mentioned that she’s currently under a bound contract with RFLCT.

“I am in a bound contract. I do believe in the product. But, I do also wish to not be involved because the research can’t be public.”


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It remains to be seen what the future holds for Valkyrae and RFLCT. The public outcry will continue against the company and the “co-founder” until they can back their claim about the problem and the solution. Many fans have defended Valkyrae in this situation by saying that she made a naïve mistake. However, others still don’t believe her and have stated that she didn’t do her due diligence while working with RFLCT for the past two years.

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