Watch: Valtteri Bottas Loses Himself After Ricciardo Farts in F1 Press Conference

January 8, 2020 2:39 am

It is fairly well-established that Daniel Ricciardo is a hugely funny guy and never fails to brighten up a room. The Australian practically uses every trick in his patented joke book to evoke laughter from others around him, and there are no limits. So, at the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix, Ricciardo was at it once again, and the unfortunate flustered victim was Valtteri Bottas.

This time, the Weapon of Mass Hysterics was the old classic, the Hissing Stink Bomb. Bottas was just about to answer a question in Finnish when Ricciardo let fly a fart, which escaped the microphone, but not the Mercedes driver’s ears. The next few seconds consisted of poor old Valtteri Bottas struggling to keep a straight face.

How did Valtteri Bottas end up in this situation

Prior to the cameras rolling, Daniel Ricciardo asked whether he could relieve himself of his flatulence,= before letting fly. Unfortunately, Bottas could not get rid of his mirth before the press conference went live again and was stuck in a massive giggling fit.

Apparently the whole situation was partially Lewis Hamilton’s fault as he too needed to fart, but his was more discreet. Evidently, Daniel Ricciardo took it as a challenge and decided to show him how a REAL fart sounded.

A sheepish Lewis Hamilton then told his teammate Bottas, “I feel like we distracted you. Have we distracted you? That was a very long-winded question. For those of you watching—we’re all a bit gassy up here. That’s why we are in tears.”

Bottas managed to compose himself briefly to choke out, “Try being here now when buddy just flew a kite right there next to me,”. He then dissolved into another fit of giggles as the gravity of the situation really hit him.

Interestingly, even Max Verstappen knew of Ricciardo’s flatulence issue, as it often plagued the Red Bull hospitality area.

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